Aegiali Beach

This is the biggest beach on the island and has soft sand and clear waters. It is ideal for anyone with children. A swim can be accompanied with coffee seeing as there are cafeterias lining the beach. There is easy access by foot to the beach of Levrossos or by boat from the port.


One of the nicest beaches of Amorgos, in Aegialis area. Levrossos is a sandy beach with very clear water surrounded by lush green gardens. It is unofficially a nudist beach, accessible in 20 minute walk from Aegiali village, or by regular boat crossings also during the summer season.


With its deep blue hue and very clean water, Mouros is one of the most popular beach of Amorgos. Partly rocky Mouros has two underwater caves the right hand side as you walk down to the beach which can be reach by swimming and snorkeling. Near the small villages of Arkesini and Kamari, Mouros is in the south part of Amorgos. Just above the beach there is also a snack-bar that one can cool down his thirst or hunger.

Agia Anna

Down to Chozoviotissa Monastery, Agia Anna is considered as one of the most beautiful beach of Amorgos. It is a small rocky beach with spectacular beauty and clear transparent waters. There is a bus service from Hora at constant intervals. Walking through shallow waters for 10 minutes from Agia Anna you come to Kampi, a nudist beach with views of the Viocastro.